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Turmeric Finger

We, Suffice Overseas, are an export-oriented organization mainly focusing in dealing various products like Turmeric, Grains, Pulses, Vegetables and many more.


Turmeric Finger

We provide high grade Turmeric Finger which is also known as Haldi. ¬†Being located in India’s spice belt which produces 90% of the country’s turmeric allows us to procure the highest grade of turmeric from the markets.


Specification of Turmeric Finger

Quality Bold Sanaam
Curcumin (Max.) 4% 3.5%
Moisture (Max.) 10-12% 12%
Discoloured (Max.) 3% 3%
Broken (Max.) 5% 5%
Foreign Matter (Max.) 2% 2%
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